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We are a Tucson based martial arts company striving to provide the best martial arts experience for your kids. Our classes are designed to teach self-control, honesty, respect, through age-appropriate self-defense techniques. 


My daughter has participated in Fight Back's Taekwondo program for two years. Her experience in this program has improved her balance, her confidence, and her self-defense skills. We will continue participation in this great program!


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My son has attended Taekwondo club for almost two years. During that time he has improved focus, ability to work with others and self-control. He enjoys attending Taekwondo and we enjoy seeing his improvements! 


My Son has been in this program since kindergarten. I am so thankful that I made the decision to enroll him 6 years ago. He is very respectful not only to adults but other children as well, he is confident and always strives to do his very best, these are just a few of many traits he has learned from attending this program. We are so very grateful!


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