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Can you believe the school year is almost at an end?!! Time goes by so fast!

I would say we had a very successful year!


Our student roster is beginning to look pretty colorful, White, Yellow, Orange, Camo, Green and Purple belts are all in the line up! It is possible some might make it to Blue belt before the year is out! By next school year some of our Students will be working on Brown, Red, Red & Black and then on to First degree Black!


Come and continue training with our Summer Camp!

Camp will be held at Leman Academy East

10100 E. Golf Links Rd. Tucson, AZ


This summer program is formulated to progress your child’s physical ability and mental focus while building self-confidence and self-esteem. 


We will focus on fine-tuning the students current Tae Kwon Do proficiency and getting your child ready for the next rank advancement. This training is designed to improve coordination, self-defense skills, and participate in FUN, skill driven, team building exercises, activities, and games to include Soft Nunchaku training.


For students currently not enrolled in a martial arts program, this summer camp will provide a good introduction to the after-school Tae Kwon Do Club at Leman Academies.


The Art of Tae kwon Do is a great platform in fostering exceptional character qualities, focusing on Respect, Integrity, Personal Courage, Compassion and Honor.


Physically the technical skills aids in the development of the student’s dexterity, strength, endurance, and flexibility.


Please let us know if you are interested as we have a minimum of 8 students required to conduct this camp.


This camp is intended for Students and their Siblings from all schools.


Just go to the registration tab to register!


The program is 7 weeks long and can be broken down by 1-month segments.


June 3rd - June 27th   Monday – Thursday 8am to 12pm $560.00 for 4 weeks.


July 8th – July 25th   Monday – Thursday 8am to 12pm $400.00 for 3 weeks.


Weekly rate is $180.00.

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