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3 Reasons to Choose Martial Arts As Your After School Activity

August and September mark the back-to-school season, which means kids are trading summer camp for classes. However, all of the fun activities your children did during their time off don’t have to end. In fact, extracurricular activities provide an outlet for students to work out some stress, engage in practices they enjoy and, if they’re physically active, increase their energy and focus. Martial arts give students access to these benefits, making training an ideal after-school activity.


Students of all ages experience school-related stress, but levels are especially high in teens. The American Psychological Association noted that teens feel levels of stress similar to adults. In fact, 31 percent of teenagers reported feeling overwhelmed and 30 percent said they felt depressed or sad as a result of workload.

This information highlights the importance of having an outlet to de-stress, especially for teens. Martial arts classes provide that method for relaxing for many people. By being physically active in an environment that focuses on concentration, control and discipline, teens and children can release negative energy. Plus, martial arts can be fun! By working out their frustrations from the day while having a good time, participants may find martial arts classes to be the perfect de-stressor.


It may seem counterintuitive, but exercising can increase energy levels. So while you’re kids might spend a bunch of energy in their martial arts classes, they’ll be more energetic overall. What’s more, being physically active promotes good sleep, further increasing energy levels.

Both these benefits of physical activity mean your kids can focus better in class and use their increased energy for their studies. For this reason, signing your kids up for martial arts classes during the school year is beneficial.

Of course, compare your kids’ school workload with how much free time they have and plan extracurriculars accordingly. They should get both physical activity from after-school activities and downtime to relax and recuperate.


Everyone makes mistakes, and in every facet of life. Your kids will get answers wrong on their homework, and that’s OK. Being able to learn from errors and become stronger because of them is an important trait to have in their education. Martial arts may teach kids resiliency they can apply in the classroom, ultimately boosting their confidence. They’ll learn that messing up a move or being knocked down isn’t always a bad thing – they’ll remember it next time! The more they realize that making mistakes is fine, the more confident and sure they’ll become.

Martial arts class may be an extracurricular activity, but it’s one that can support your kids’ education.

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