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The Positive Impact Martial Arts Instructors Have On Students

The martial arts are known to enhance the abilities of students beyond just physical and athletic aspects.  Growth in students is spurred in many categories such as self esteem, confidence, focus, self defense, self control, and discipline. The positive changes students achieve in martial arts is significant, yet it is easy to forget who is responsible for instilling and building all of these skills: martial arts instructors! However, the positive effects do not stop there, an inspiring teacher, coach, or trainer can forever change a student’s life.

Martial Arts Instructors as Role Models

A role model is someone to look up to and someone who looks out for us. With the exception of parents, teachers truly are the most influential people in most young children’s lives. Having someone to turn to and learn from shapes the mindset and attitude of a student. As a child, we are like sponges, soaking up everything we observe around us. Good or bad. We are easily molded by those we admire and are taught by.

A good martial arts teacher can have lasting impact on a learning child by:

  • exhibiting patience

  • promoting goals

  • encouraging self-growth

  • teaching empathy

  • demonstrating how to treat others

Reaching the Next Level

A positive bond between a teacher and their student creates a safe and welcoming environment. A place where a student yearns to step out of their comfort zone. A good instructor sets expectations, but also provides all the skills and encouragement needed to live up to those expectations. For example, a healthy relationship between a student and their jiu jitsu professor establishes a feeling of support, thus creating a confidence in one’s ability to succeed. When a student knows they have someone who shares in their journey of improvement, they distance themselves from a fear of failure and instead grow into an eagerness to try new things and reach the next level. This teacher-student bond leads to greater self esteem, resulting in the desire to set goals for oneself and work tirelessly to achieve them.

The Role in Lifelong Successes

The lessons a martial arts instructor teaches do not just stay in the dojo, but affect a student for years and years to come in all areas of life. The beneficial combination of encouragement and expectation has been reported to make the most substantial impression on students. The encouragement they receive and the social behavior they observe forever imprints the way a student treats those around them. This unmatched role a teacher presumes affects the outcomes of a student’s future in social, academic, and career realms. A supportive teacher, such as a taekwondo instructor, improves their student’s relationships with others both their age and of other ages. It also decreases the likelihood of future depression or anxiety, and forever impacts a student’s self-esteem.

Teachers of all kinds play an incomparable role in student’s lives, changing the way they look at the world around them, and showing them how to live their lives to the fullest. Teachers relay lessons that apply not just in the jiu jitsu gym or classroom, but in everyday situations. They are a shining example of how to behave, treat others, and live up to one’s potential.

Make sure you appreciate and thank all the teachers who have had a positive impact on you, especially your martial arts teachers!  And don’t forget to thank all the other individuals who play a role in your training as well! Whether it’s a jiu jitsu professor, a karate teacher, or a taekwondo school manager, each of these people dedicate their time and passions into shaping their students to reach their utmost potentials. People such as these are creating the future generations and are simply irreplaceable in our society.

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